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SmartCEPS consortium meeting in Munich

SmartCEPS consortium meeting in Munich

SmartCEPS  / November, 06
SmartCEPS consortium meeting in Munich

The SmartCEPS consortium has held a 2-day long personal meeting in Munich to discuss the progress of the project. With the development phase nearing its completion, the partners focused on detailed design decisions regarding the SmartCEPS system, and the planning of validation and demonstration activities.

As the term of the EU-project is edging towards conclusion, this meeting was a meeting of results. The list and specification of the key performance indicators are finished, as are the algorithms to account for their interactions to run city assessments. The novelties of the SmartCEPS KPI system has been submitted for scientific publication to lead by example in the transition from the state-of-the-art KPI lists to holistic decision-support systems. On the executive level partners agreed on the legal basis of project continuity beyond the conclusion of what is hereafter a ‘phase 1’ of revolutionising the digital transition of urban management. The final period in phase 1 will be finalising development and validation work to reach technological readiness level 7, and bringing our services to the market.

The key takeaway from this meeting is fully embracing the disruptive nature of SmartCEPS innovations. A highly collaborative, analytics-supported decision-making and the underlying interconnectedness of urban performance is unprecedented in urban management, and it is thus more and more crucial to keep the future SmartCEPS actors in the loop. With so many having something valuable, insightful and important to say, it is paramount for SmartCEPS to be able not only to hear them, but to be the discussion itself.

We are developing a process, not a product!

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This project has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme


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