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Project specific know-how of the Consortium Partners


SmartCEPS creates a freemium, online smart city evaluation tool and offers deep analysis and consulting service for municipalities.

  • methodology of assessing and supporting the smart and sustainable development, raise investment attractiveness and enhance business generation potential of urban settlements through consultancy
  • definition of the smart city, meeting the needs of sustainable urban development
  • identification of a standardized smart and sustainable indicator system of urban development, through the analysis of existing indices
  • knowledge database of smart solutions that can enhance the performance, livability and help reduce energy consumption of cities
  • financing models that can help municipalities in realizing the projects
  • business cluster of sustainable businesses

ABUD – Advanced Building and Urban Design

ABUD is delivering sustainable urban development concepts for investors in Hungary and beyond (e.g. Oman or China) and is invited to conferences for municipalities and higher education to teach design guidelines and solutions. ABUD was responsible for the energy efficiency action plan in the Budapest2030 urban development concept and delivered solutions for the smart city concept of EYOF2017 in Gyor.

ABUD – Advanced Building and Urban Design Kft.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has a broad environmental profile, with Sustainable Urban Planning as one of its focus areas. Unlike many other players, IVL combines applied research and development with close collaboration between industry and the public sphere. IVL also has in-house expertise on ICT development and has developed e.g. Envirobase, the database of Swedish environmental technology companies, reference objects, study visits and trainings.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute


ESSIGPLAN has deep knowledge in methodology development for sustainable building and city software tools and in KPI development for sustainability assessment of districts and cities. EP already has been the technical and scientific leader of methodology development for new innovative software tools for smart and sustainable homes, offices and city consulting.EP has many years of experience in consulting German municipalities (e.g.Munich, Wolfratshausen, Kirchheim b., München, Bamberg etc.).


DBH Project Management

DBH provides international business and business infrastructure services for more than 20 years. Their purpose is to assist companies in domestic and regional expansion while helping them optimize and more efficient their operations. Furthermore DBH Group provides venture capital fund and business services to technology-intensive companies who are planning to expand internationally.

DBH Project Management

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This project has received funding from the Eurostars-2 joint programme with co-funding from European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme


Project Coordinator

ABUD – Advanced Building and Urban Design I

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